Application and Placement Services
Our agency looks forward to assisting you in finding a family day home provider that can meet your specific child care needs.   Agency staff will consult with you and complete a Child Placement Form to gather your individual information for assessment.  Based on the assessment, we will refer you to suitable child care providers that can best meet those needs.   A pre-placement interview will be arranged for the parents and child to meet the provider(s).

Choosing a Day Home
When interviewing a child care provider it is important to ask pertinent questions such as: What is the illness policy? What is your late policy? What is the policy for vacations?  What is the back-up policy? How will I be kept informed about the day to day happenings at the day home? How will I be kept informed about my child’s progress and development? 

Alberta Human Services
Choosing Child Care: A Guide to Licensed and Approved Child Care in Alberta